Mark Coker,
"When we see an image, it makes us feel something. A great cover can help the reader instantly recognize that this book is for them.”
- Mark Coker, Smashwords Founder
Your Book Only Has 3 Seconds to
Make Its Critical First Impression on Potential Buyers. Make it Count.
Dear Awesome Author,

Your book is a labor of love. 

You spend weeks, months - sometimes YEARS writing, re-writing, editing and refining your perfect message.

And then you choose to spend $5 on Fiverr on your book cover.

Do You See the Problem Here?

Let me elaborate...

It’s been proven that your book cover design can make or break your book sales.

Not only do you have less than 3 seconds to convince someone browsing Amazon to click on your book, but once they click and look at your cover you have less than 7 more seconds to persuade them to read your book description.

Now, how do you feel about that cheap-o $5 book cover design? 
Buyers DO judge books by their covers. If your design
doesn’t make the cut, you don’t make the sale.

Look, at over $300 for a professional book cover design, I know you may not be able to afford a professional book cover designer. And the scarier fact is, you can’t afford NOT to have professional help.

That is, until now.

Here's the Good News...

Now’s your chance to learn from a professional with more than a dozen years’ experience in the publishing industry.

From designing covers for a traditional publishing house to starting and managing self-publishing companies, Kristen Joy has seen and done it all.

She’s published well over 200 books and e-books, managed a team of professional book designers for over 10 years, and many of the books she personally oversaw the design for hit best-seller status (including the New York Times Best Sellers list).
Quit Sacrificing Your Book Sales (and Worse, Your Reputation) to Save a Few Bucks!

In this Author’s Quick Course: How to Design a Book Cover that Sells, you will finally learn the essentials professional designers use to design book covers.

From Art 101 to advanced effects, at the end of this course you'll be armed with everything you need to go forth and create your own amazing book covers!

You will discover...
  • The essentials of graphic design, how book design is different, and why this directly impacts your potential sales.
  • How to properly use color to draw in your readers… and get them to open their wallets.
  • Where to get high quality images, how to properly use them, and how to keep your cover from looking like Google threw up on a Tabloid.
  • How to make it easy for your customers to find and buy every book you write in a series.
  • How to treat your title and subtitle to stand out and make readers want your book at a glance.
  • Genre-specific industry secrets revealed for fiction, non-fiction, romance, business how-to, self-help, sci-fi and more!
  • How to work with a professional cover designer (and where to find them) at any part during your cover design process.
  • LIVE DEMOS of 5 different software programs you can use to create your rocking book cover that won’t break the bank.
  • And so much MORE!
If you do any research on hiring a professional cover designer, you’ll discover this training will save you over $300… on your first cover. And what you’ll learn in this course can be applied to every book cover you’ll ever create!

If you publish just 3 books per year… with a career of an author of only 4 years… You’ll save over $1200 on designers. That’s a lot of marketing dollars that can be spent elsewhere!

For a VERY limited time, this course will be available for only $97. And Kristen’s holding NOTHING back.
This is your chance to learn from a pro how to look
like a pro for less than 1/6 the cost of hiring a pro!
Here's What You're About to Get...
Session 1
You learn in-depth essentials in the world of design, including rules of design, when to break them, color theory, using images and more.
Session 2
We go into advanced details, including the differences between print and e-book covers, branding, how to make your title stand out, series title treatment, how to work with a professional (if you've reached the end of your abilities) and more!
Session 3
I hold you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to design a great book cover. Watch as I demonstrate the practical elements of a successful cover design across multiple platforms including Canva, Photoshop, InDesign, Pixlr and more! 
ONLY $97
(Limited Time)
As always...
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Refund Policy: Due to the astronomical value and the included materials which match
exactly the offer described on this page, no refunds are available for this training program.
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